UPS Foundation donation rises to US $2 million in support of UNHCR’s Emergency Response

June 13, 2014

The United Nations Refugee Agency, UNHCR, has welcomed a new US $775,000 donation from the UPS Foundation that will enhance UNHCR’s delivery of lifesaving assistance and protection to refugees worldwide, support UNHCR’s immediate response to future humanitarian emergencies, and fund continuing recovery efforts in the Philippines, where 4 million people were displaced by November’s Typhoon Haiyan. This new commitment brings the total funding and in-kind support donated by the global package delivery company to over US$2 million in value since 2010.

The UPS Foundation is a Strategic Humanitarian Relief Programme partner of UNHCR and a founding member of UNHCR’s Innovation Circle. The new funding commitment will support the continued collaboration with UNHCR’s Innovation Unit to enhance UNHCR’s distribution, tracking and delivery of essential supplies to millions of refugees and displaced people, even in the most challenging environments. By improving the capacity and efficiency of UNHCR’s logistical systems, services such as the delivery of essential food and non-food items to refugees will be enhanced, ultimately improving the experience of refugees receiving UNHCR’s lifesaving assistance.

Further, the UPS Foundation will share its global logistical expertise with UNHCR, funding the further training of staff and partners in improved emergency logistics and continuing to provide critical transportation of relief supplies for UNHCR in times of emergency in the form of in-kind shipping and air-freight services. The donation will also contribute to a flexible UPS Emergency Fund, allowing UNHCR to rapidly provide essential resources such as shelters in the event of a fast-breaking crisis, with immediate funds being donated to UNHCR’s Typhoon Haiyan recovery efforts.

“Having the continuing support of the world’s largest shipment and logistics company through the UPS Foundation is of great benefit to UNHCR and the millions of refugees and families we serve. Not only is the generous UPS funding helping UNHCR to maintain an immediate response in the wake of an emergency, the logistical expertise of UPS enhances our operations and ultimately benefits the refugees and displaced people under our care. This is truly an example of the impact and value our partners can bring” said Mr. Mats Hultgren, UNHCR’s Chief of the Supply Support Section.

“Each year, millions of refugees flee from war torn communities or find themselves displaced due to natural disasters,” said Eduardo Martinez, President of UPS Foundation. “It is humbling for UPS to be able to extend its logistics and supply chain management expertise to UNHCR to assist with immediate response initiatives as well as post-recovery efforts globally. The goal is to help communities better prepare, respond and recover from sudden onset disasters or other humanitarian crisis to ultimately preserve lives and reduce human suffering.”

Since 2010, the UPS Foundation partnership has supported UNHCR’s work in multiple protracted and emergency refugee crises across the global including the Libya displacement crisis of 2011, the Mali and Sudan emergencies in 2012 and the ongoing Syria crisis.

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