Living on a $1.50 a day

Support Refugees and Live Below the Line

March 26, 2015

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1.2 billion people, including millions of refugees, live in extreme poverty on just $1.50 a day. You can change this!

The Challenge:

Live Below the Line is a global challenge to spend $1.50 (the equivalent of the extreme poverty line) per day on food and drink for 5 days to highlight the lack of choice and opportunity faced by the 1.2 billion currently living in extreme poverty.

From April 27 – May 1, thousands of people across the world are coming together to unite against extreme poverty. Will you be one of them?

Watch this Video

Everything you need to know about the challenge from Actress Rachel Brosnahan

The Community:

You are coming together with thousands of others to raise awareness of one of the biggest issues in the world today: extreme poverty. In the past three years, over 50,000 people around the world lived below the line, which helped raise $10 million for those living in poverty.

Live Below the Line is put on by Global Citizen, a global advocacy organization whose mission is to increase the number and effectiveness of people taking action against extreme poverty by 2030. USA for UNHCR  is a major partner of Live Below the Line.

Why Take the Challenge?

There are many reasons to take the challenge, but here are our top three:

  • You will be a part of a larger global movement to end extreme poverty. You will be joining hundreds from around the world that together want to put an end to hunger.
  • Millions of refugees depend on UNHCR and our partners for live-saving food and water supplies. Your support in this challenge will help us reach more children and families.
  • It is fun! We promise.

Want to get started?

  1. Sign up here.
  2. Create your personal fundraising page.
  3. Start a team and get your friends, family and co-workers involved.
  4. Live Below the Line will send you tips throughout the campaign journey.

How Does the Challenge Work?

You have a total of $7.50 to use to buy all ingredients for all of your meals for 5 days.

  • You can’t grab a snack from the pantry unless you count the cost of the item within your budget.
  • For items such as salt and pepper simply work out the cost of each item per ounce and budget your shopping proportionally.
  • You can use food from your garden as long as you account for the price of production.
  • You cannot accept ‘donated’ food from others.
  • You can count tap water as being free.

Here is one last reason to do the challenge: Hugh Jackman