Nepal Earthquake Update

UNHCR is on the ground in Nepal, offering support to the survivors and making critical aid items immediately available to those in need.

May 11, 2015

The strongest earthquake to hit Nepal for 80 years

When the earthquake hit, UNHCR responded immediately by delivering life-saving assistance to people who had lost everything. Within 24 hours, staff on the ground had organized and delivered plastic sheets, solar lamps and other basic supplies to meet the most urgent needs of survivors.

UNHCR continues its relief efforts to victims of the earthquake in Nepal. To date, UNHCR has distributed 11,000 plastic sheets and 19,000 tarps, 5,500 solar lamps and other basic supplies in several districts severely damaged by the earthquake.

UNHCR has also launched a psychosocial radio program conducted by implementing partner, TPO to provide people with the most updated information about earthquake aid response, and provide earthquake survivors an opportunity to ask questions and share their grievances, fears, trauma and concerns on air. The program will run through May 14 and is expected to reach 1.5million people.

What do survivors need right now?

Shelter is the single overwhelming need and it is urgent. An estimated 2.8 million people are living in the open in need of assistance and protection. Sleeping outside can have the most devastating effect on health– particularly for the very young and the very old, and the more than 14,000 people who are injured.

At least 200,000 houses have been destroyed and another 190,000 badly damaged.With the rainy season just six weeks away, plastic sheeting and tarps create shelter will protect thousands of families.



“We are deeply saddened that thousands of people have been killed, injured or displaced in the disaster. These numbers are still rising with frequent aftershocks and as search-and-rescue teams reach remote areas,” said Daisy Dell, director of UNHCR’s Asia-Pacific bureau.“UNHCR stands in solidarity with Nepal, which has been a generous host to thousands of refugees over the years,” she added.