Bringing light to Refugees

Partnership with GR8Lakes Essentials Brings Light to Refugee Camps

May 1, 2015

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Make a pledge to the Kickstarter campaign and you will receive a limited edition heli ultimate kit and help put light into the hands of refugees.

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GR8Lakes Essentials has initiated a program with USA for UNHCR to make sure modern technology like the heliTM lantern gets into the hands of the people who need it most. Moving forward, whenever anyone purchases a USA for UNHCR Ultimate heliTM Kit, GR8Lakes Essentials will donate a 2200 heliTM with 7-Watt solar panel to USA for UNHCR for their use in working with refugees around the world.

Buy One-Donate One Campaign
To get this Buy One-Donate One Campaign off the ground, GR8Lakes Essentials will be donating TWO lanterns to USA for UNHCR for every $300 pledge and the reward will be the USA for UNHCR Ultimate heliTM Kit which includes the 14-Watt solar panel. So by pledging this amount you not only get the best that heliTM has to offer, but you get to help twice as many people. Throughout the month of May, the green Limited Edition K-Light/ heliTM Hybrid will be available only during the KickStarter campaign as a part of this initial launch.

About heliTM
Powerful enough to light the darkness and charge multiple devices at the same time, heliTM is a durable and multi-purpose lantern that is sure to come in handy when an immediate need for power arises. heliTM utilizes Harding Energy rechargeable lithium ion battery technology to keep cell phones and tablets charged, as well as many other portable electronics. Versatile enough to function as a lantern, flashlight, floodlight, work light and emergency signal light, heli’s multi-directional and adjustable components let you decide whether you want to set it, hang it, hold it, aim it or clip it.

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