Refugee Crisis

5 Things You Can Do Right Now

September 7, 2015

Each and every one of us can take part in helping to save lives and give a voice to the millions of refugees fleeing violence in Syria and around the world. Here are 5 easy ways you can take action RIGHT NOW.

1. Donate now to support our life-saving programs in Europe and around the world.

2. Sign a Petition and make your voice heard! Commit to the fact that America should lead on the refugee crisis.

3. MoveOn.Org: Get information about the crisis and our Lifeline program with links to donate.

4. Learn More: Read UNHCR’s key guidelines to get informed on the refugee crisis and watch this video and share it with your friends.

5. Spread the word – to family, friends, colleagues – and let them know how they too can donate, sign up, and learn more.