Refugee Crisis

Google Pledges Support to Refugees

September 16, 2015

Photo credit:  © Massimo Sestini

We are excited to announce a special partnership with Google. This week you might notice some differences on the Google homepage and other Google properties. Google is dedicating this week to supporting refugees and migrants around the world and we could not be more excited.


With a goal of raising 11 million dollars – Google will match each and every donation made online through their giving page. With the hope of making a major impact, Google will provide all funds raised to four major charities that support refugees – USA for UNHCR, Save the Children, International Rescue Committee and Doctors without Boarders.

The refugee crisis requires all of us to get involved and we at USA for UNHCR are excited to see the private sector, most notably the tech community, getting involved to help solve the global refugee crisis.

Thank you Google for all your support and leadership in standing for refugees around the world.

Click here to donate and have your gift matched dollar for dollar by Google!