Alaa is safe in Italy thanks to his violin

“I want to do something to stop this war!”

October 28, 2015

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Could music be the answer to the conflicts cropping up around the world?

Alaa, 29, a Syrian refugee, believes it could help. And so he plays … and plans. Plans to bring his family to Italy … plans to create a music and art space like his family had … plans to use his music to spread love and peace. Alaa’s story has the same underlying themes as do many refugee stories: sadness, separation, and loss. But it also sings with hope and purpose and themes of love, just like his violin.

Watch his story and hear his beautiful music. And please remember the thousands of homeless refugees who, like Alaa, are looking for safety and peace for themselves and their families. Right now, they are facing danger, roadblocks, closed doors, and soon, brutal winter weather. Your gift now can provide them with shelter, warmth, food, health care, and, very importantly, protection of their rights. Please give now.