Tell CNN: Ask A Question on Refugees at Tonight’s Debate!

October 13, 2015

Are you watching tonight’s Democratic Debate? Today is the first debate where democratic hopefuls will face off, discussing the hottest topics facing Americans today. The biggest issue on Americans’ minds? How the U.S. can be involved in solving the refugee crisis. We hope CNN does not forget to bring up this important topic. Help us make sure it is part of the discussion by tweeting Anderson Cooper to include refugees in tonight’s discussion using #DemDebate.

Tweet Anderson Cooper today:

Hey @andersoncooper, question for #DemDebate candidates: How would you approach the current #refugee crisis? #CNNDebate #refugeedebate

Plus, you can have a little fun and follow the candidates’ statements about refugees with these downloadable bingo cards just for you! Play along with your friends at home!

Don’t forget to follow @UNRefugeeAgency during the debate. If the topic of #refugees comes up, you can bet we will be fact-checking the candidates!