This is the strength of a mother’s love

May 6, 2016

©UNHCR/Colin Delfosse

On Mother’s Day, we celebrate all refugee mothers the world-over for their unwavering strength, perseverance and love.

In this spirit, I’d like to share with you Yunes’ story, and how no matter the circumstances, there is nothing stronger than a mother’s love. You can see it in the way Yunes holds her baby girl.

Yunes fled her home in South Sudan after her village was attacked. With five children and a newborn, she took what she could carry and walked. They slept under trees at night and nestled together for warmth.

With her family in tow, Yunes walked for three days until she finally arrived at a UNHCR camp.

With the fear now behind her, Yunes is recovering and rebuilding her family’s life. She looks to a better future – however uncertain that may be – and the love for her children keeps her going.

Yunes embodies the strength of refugee mothers around the world. Many embark on long and treacherous journeys in search of safety for their children. Many have lost their partners. They take on multiple roles: mother, father, caregiver, protector.

Please join me in giving these women special recognition on Mother’s Day. Share Yunes’ story with your friends, your family, and tell them about the strength, courage and resilience of refugee mothers.

From all of us at USA for UNHCR, Happy Mother’s Day.

Anne-Marie Grey
Executive Director and CEO