Portraits of Syrian refugee children during the cold winter in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

December 30, 2016

Help refugee children

You can help refugee children in Lebanon and in countries around the world where families are forced to flee their homes because of violence and persecution.


These children and more than a hundred other vulnerable refugees will endure winter in makeshift tents, living in an informal settlement in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. Many of the Syrian families here fled Aleppo, where they faced daily threats of barrel bombs and violence. Now these families must contend with a new threat: the cold.

More than half of refugee families in Lebanon live in insecure shelters like garages, tents, warehouses and barns. Many of these structures are ill-equipped for the freezing temperatures, storms and rain common in the valley during winter months.

In Lebanon, over 181,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugee families will receive assistance to keep warm and dry during the winter season.