Families Flee Intense Fighting in Mosul, Iraq

June 29, 2017

You can help today

Those fleeing Mosul and conflict around the world need your help. You can save lives.


The families trapped in the Old City of Mosul, Iraq have endured untold tragedies under the rule of armed extremists. As fighting intensified they had no choice but to flee.

Since October 2016, more than 875,000 people have fled Mosul. The UN Refugee Agency has set up reception centers near the city to help new arrivals who often are malnourished, injured and traumatized.

These images document the scene of people making it to safety this week. Tens of thousands are still trapped Mosul’s Old City. They face dire food shortages and no clean water. Sickness and hunger are widespread. Children and the elderly who are too physically weak to flee are especially vulnerable.