Bake Sales For Babies

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We are excited you are joining the Bake Sales for Babies campaign with and the Karam Foundation – in support of our efforts to help the most vulnerable people in the world. We wanted to make sure you had as much information as possible about the crisis in Syria.

Learn more about the facts, watch a powerful video with Angelina Jolie and check-out how UNHCR is taking action this winter.

The Problem
First and foremost you should know this is the largest humanitarian emergency of our era. Over 9 million people have been displaced due to the ongoing violence and war inside Syria and now parts of Iraq. 9 million is more then the entire population of New York City or almost three times the size of the population of the whole state of Oregon.

Take a moment and think about that. Image if the whole city of New York had to flee their homes in search of a safe place to live.

These millions of men, women and mostly children only had a few moments to grab their things and run. Most only left with the clothes on their backs. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, provides refugees and other displaced with life-saving aid like shelter, food and water, blankets, cooking stoves and so much more. As winter approaches the needs to ensure all refugees have what they need to survive the winter has become a challenge as the numbers have grown so much.

The money you raise with your bake sale is going to support these efforts. You will be helping aid organizations provide warm clothing, thermal blankets, support services, and formula for babies in the Syria region. 

Check out this breaking news report on the current winter conditions in Jordan and Lebanon where many Syrian refugees currently reside.

A Lost Generation of Children

Ready for another crazy number? Two-thirds of all refugees are children. Children that have been uprooted and are in jeopardy of loosing their futures. A whole generation is at risk.

Check out this video of UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie meeting the children of Syria:

UNHCR in Action

Breaking News: Winter Storm Huda hits refugee camps. Click here for live updates. 

Check out what UNHCR is doing on the ground to provide winter relief items. These items will help save lives and the money you raise from your bake sale can help provide them to as many people as possible.