World Refugee Day 2010 - Organize an Event in Your Area

Refugees are people just like us. However, many Americans are unaware that tens of millions of people around the world have been forced to flee their homes in order to escape persecution or war. This is where you come in - every year, people across the United States use World Refugee Day as a focus for raising awareness and funds in their own communities to gather support for UNHCR’s urgent work. And at the same time they spread a little understanding about the reality of being a refugee.

Afghani children continue their work in a displacement camp (c) UNHCR 2008

Would you like to organize a World Refugee Day event in your community? Here are some ideas:

Organize an Event:

  • Invite a former refugee to speak at your school, church, community center, etc. and share their experiences
  • Volunteer at a local refugee resettlement agency to help newly-arrived refugees in the U.S.
  • Ask a teacher to dedicate the week of June 15 – 20th World Refugee Week to discuss the word “refugee” in the classroom
  • Host a World Refugee Day "house party" where you might show the movie “War Dance”, "Hotel Rwanda" or another movie that shows the plight of refugees, like "Beyond Borders", "I am David", or "Return to Afghanistan"
  • Serve a dish typical in another country or prepare an international meal with friends.
  • Set up a World Refugee Day discussion at your home, place of worship, or community center.
  • Wear light blue (the international color of UN Aid workers) on World Refugee Day (June 20) and talk to friends about why you are wearing blue that day.
  • Invite 10 or more of your friends to subscribe to UNHCR Insider Update, our weekly email newsletter about refugee issues around the world.

Organize a Fundraiser:

  • Bake or candy sale
  • Car wash
  • Raffle tickets for the prize donated by a community business
  • Auction used and collectible items
  • Setup a display table/booth on campus to distribute UNHCR materials
  • Form a Refugee Care Club with friends and fellow students to raise awareness

Although, financial support cannot be offered, USA for UNHCR can provide you with a community fundraising guide, publicity materials, including videos, posters, newsletters and other items to support your fundraising activities. See a list of materials you can request.

To find out more about future World Refugee Day events and how you can help in your community, please contact us at or 1-800-770-1100.

Thank you for your generous support and good luck!

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