100,000 Internally Displaced Libyans Need Aid - Will You Help?



First came the foreign workers -- now refugees -- who left everything to return to their home countries of Egypt, Tunisia, Bangladesh, and elsewhere out of fear for their lives. Now, UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency) faces a new challenge: aiding Libyans within their own borders who are abandoning their homes to seek safety in other areas of their country.

New arrivals at the Egyptian-Libyan border tell UNHCR that up to 100,000 Libyans are displaced in the east of the country, forced to take shelter in homes, schools and university halls because their homes have been damaged and their families’ lives are at risk.

Your much-needed donation will help provide emergency relief to internally displaced Libyan families, fleeing their own homes for safety from the turmoil around them.

People wait at the Egyptian border after fleeing Libya.
Photo © UNHCR/P.Moore

Fearing reprisal attacks by pro-government supporters, people are afraid to go out after four in the afternoon. Some have seen their homes completely destroyed. With mobile phone networks in eastern Libya down since Thursday, they are unable to contact their friends and families for help.

One man returned to his home in Libya over the weekend to find four rockets had flattened his home, forcing him to once again seek refuge in Egypt.

Providing humanitarian assistance to the displaced is very challenging and dangerous, but UNHCR is sending its first truckloads of aid, including 5,000 blankets and 5,000 sleeping mats, on a World Food Program convoy to opposition-held Benghazi, Libya's second-largest city.

With shortages of medical supplies and basic commodities in the east and prices having risen dramatically, UNHCR needs your help today to bring these lifesaving items to those caught in the middle of this international crisis.

Our teams on the ground tell us that we can't delay. People need help right now.

You can provide much-needed aid by donating $100 to provide a survival kit containing a blanket, a mattress, a kitchen set, a cooking stove, and soap. Or, a donation of $80 will give these refugees 40 wool blankets to protect themselves from the cold.

Please don’t hesitate take this opportunity to help them.