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The Blue Key 
USA for UNHCR's Symbol for Refugee Awareness
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The Blue Key

USA for UNHCR launched the Blue Key campaign to raise awareness in the U.S. for the plight of refugees worldwide. 
Our symbol, the Blue Key, was selected to illustrate the safe, secure home these refugees will one day see again with the help of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). 
Purchasing a key for just $5 is a great way to show support for refugees and the 6,000 UNHCR staffers worldwide, who often work in dangerous locations to provide refugees with the protection, food, shelter and support they need.

Best of all you can show your support for only $5!

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FrogPearl Hope Bracelet to help refugees 

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Hope Bracelet by FrogPearl

Made of ethical, freshwater pearls and colored in the United Nations' characteristic blue, the frog charm-embellished bracelet will is available in 3 sizes (7, 7.5, and 7.9 inches) and retails at $84.

For every bracelet sold, 40% of the income will go towards UNHCR's global work in aid of refugees.

Production follows Frogpearl’s standard ethical framework, which means that all pearls are polished with corn instead of chemicals, and that lead-free dyes are used to color the pearls.

  What You Wish For

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What You Wish For: A Book for Darfur

Some of the world’s best-selling and most highly honored writers for young adults and children have contributed poems and stories to What You Wish For: A Book for Darfur.

Captivating, inspiring, sometimes creepy and ofttimes funny, these stories and poems offer hope about things we all wish for.
Together with Darfur advocate and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow, who wrote the book's moving foreword, the authors contributed to this amazing collection for free so that the proceeds could be used to fund libraries in Darfuri refugee camps in Chad. 


Memorial and Tribute e-Cards

By honoring your friends and loved ones with a special gift to the UN Refugee Agency, you have the opportunity to send a beautiful UNHCR e-card to inform the recipient of your generous contribuion on their behalf.

Your donation today will not only bring a smile to your loved ones' faces, but will also give a better life to refugees struggling for survival in places like Somalia, Kenya, Afghanistan and elsewhere around the globe.

Make a life-saving contribution to the UN Refugee Agency in honor of your family and friends!


World Peace or Bust T-Shirts


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World Peace or Bust T-Shirts

Sarah E. Phelps created the "World Peace or Bust" t-shirt to raise money and awareness for the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

Twenty-five percent of the net proceeds from e-commerce sales of World Peace or Bust t-shirts will be donated to USA for UNHCR to help provide shelter, food and medical assistance to millions of refugees worldwide.
These tees are 100% cotton and made in the USA, with a girlie, flattering fit. They are available in green, pink, blue, yellow and black.
Says Sarah, "We are fashion with compassion. Help us help others and look absolutely adorable while helping raise money for people in need!"

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Buy a bag at Workshop Coop

WORKSHOP/CoOp is a new company launching a line of women’s accessories.
What makes these items especially unique is that they are designed by our creative team and fabricated by artisan-led cooperatives in countries like Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Guatemala, Cambodia, Kenya, India, and Madagascar.
For each purchase that you make, three wonderful things happen:
First, you get a terrific piece of style.

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United States Association for Unhcr

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Check out a great new way to raise funds for our cause—just by shopping!

At, you shop for upscale items for women, kids, men, and your home, and the site donates $1 of every $5 spent to the charity of your choice. Click here to choose USA for UNHCR!

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Donate with your Capital One credit card rewards to put your points to good use.

Or, donate through CapitalOne's No Hassle Giving site to donate with confidence. Network for Good disburses your donation and Capital One covers the transaction fees. Together these organizations ensure 100% of your donation reaches USA for UNHCR.

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If you could donate a percentage of every online purchase you make to support UNHCR, would you do it?

Of course you would, and lets you do that, with more than 2000 online merchants. Just visit the Online Mall, use a coupon or a link to a merchant's site, and shop on their site as you normally would — a percentage is automatically donated to your cause.

We at USA for UNHCR - the UN Refugee Agency have a trusted partnership with Your purchase through this site helps us protect and assist refugees around the world. 


Never Forgotten (UNHCR For Famine Relief)

FAARROW (formerly Sweet Rush) is a singer/songwriter sister duo born in Mogadishu, Somalia. Siham and Iman Hashi are the first female Somali artists to ever sign a major American record deal. They have also been expanding their humanitarian efforts with the U.N Refugee Agency and other organizations alike.

"We wanted a way to give back, and thought the best way to do so was through our art," says Siham. They have generously donated their song "Never Forgotten (UNHCR For Famine Relief)" to UNHCR to raise funds for drought and famine relief in the Horn of Africa. Please watch, listen and share this video!

Then, buy the song on iTunes - it's only 99 cents!

All proceeds from the sale of the mp3 download will benefit UNHCR's Horn of Africa Famine Relief!