Where We Work

USA for UNHCR supports operations on the frontlines of conflict, working with refugees and others displaced, often in remote and dangerous parts of the world.

When a crisis strikes, UNHCR is on the ground, saving lives, within 72 hours.

UNHCR is often the first in and the last out in an emergency situation, supporting those forced to flee their homes through no fault of their own. Long after emergencies have left the headlines, UNHCR remains on the ground to help revive devastated communities and help displaced families return, recover and restart their lives.

UNHCR is with refugees at every stage of their journey – whenever and wherever needed.

  • 91% of UNHCR staff are based in the field providing direct support to people in need
  • UNHCR dispatched emergency experts to the field 441 times in 2014
  • UNHCR’s 10 biggest operations are in: Afghanistan, Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria, South Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.
  • There are 462 UNHCR offices worldwide