Now in its 6th year of conflict – devastation
and upheaval continues to plague Syria at an
unimaginable scale – making it the world’s
largest catastrophe.

Photo Credit:  © UNHCR / J. Kohler 

More than 13 million innocent people need humanitarian assistance — and an entire generation of children is at risk.

Syria is in ruins and its people are on the run from a nightmare that seems to have no end. Millions have been forced from their home but remain in Syria, while millions more have been forced to flee to neighboring countries — and their numbers and needs grow daily. The worst part? Nearly half of the Syrian refugee population are children.

Violence in the besieged city of Raqqa has caused a new wave of displacement in Northern Syria. Nearly 200,000 people have fled the city this summer. Those arriving at the Ein Issa refugee camp north of Raqqa recount harrowing journeys through the desert summer heat. Many walked for 12 hours to reach safety.

UNHCR and its partners are working around the clock in extreme conditions to provide lifesaving assistance to the newly displaced in Ein Issa. More people arrive each day. An estimated 30,000 to 50,000 people still remain trapped inside Raqqa. The situation continues to deteriorate, and food, water, medicine and other essentials are in short supply.

Above: Amid the heat, a displaced Syrian family finds safety and protection at the Ein Issa camp north of Raqqa.

Your help is needed…

Thanks to supporters, UNHCR is still on the ground coordinating a massive refugee response throughout the region and leading efforts to protect and provide shelter for those displaced inside Syria – working across conflict lines to provide critical aid under extremely dangerous circumstances.

UNHCR is facing a severe shortage in the funds needed to keep millions of refugees and displaced people fleeing violence warm and safe. Your gift will help close the gap, and give vulnerable children, women and men hope for a safe future. Not just for winter, but every day of the year, around the world. Please be generous.

Those whose lives have been uprooted and torn apart by conflict or natural disaster, UNHCR exists to help them. This is the UNHCR story.

What's Being Done

Despite the overwhelming needs after 5 years of bitter war– together we are making a difference in the lives of millions of Syrians. Thanks to our supporters – UNHCR has deployed more than 700 staff to the region to carry out and lead the largest emergency response in the world. 

The effort involves developing and managing refugee camps for those left homeless – distributing millions of emergency relief items, providing access to food and medicine for the desperate and vulnerable, and establishing child-friendly spaces for over 4 million out of school children.

Together we provide the following emergency relief items: 

  • Blankets Blankets
  • Kitchen Sets Kitchen Sets
  • Sleeping Mats Sleeping Mats
  • Tents and Shelters Tents and Shelters
  •  Hygiene Kits Hygiene Kits
  • Jerry Cans Jerry Cans