As the conflict in Ukraine escalates,

fear of persecution and of a life with no future

has forced millions to flee their homes.

Photo Credit:  © UNHCR/B. Kinashchuk

Terrified of being caught in the crossfire, nearly 1.6 million people are internally displaced inside Ukraine and more than 300,000 are seeking asylum in neighboring countries. Fleeing with barely anything and in search for safety.

Continuing violence has heavily affected access to basic services and many fear persecution for their political views or ethnicity. Incidents of abduction, extortion and harassment in neighborhoods have become all but uncommon.

UNHCR continues to respond to the protection and life-saving needs of those affected by the conflict through emergency assistance and government support.

Gennady, an architect and graphic artist

I do not have any warm clothes, nothing for the winter at all. Even this thin jacket I am wearing now was lent to me by our friends who generously took us into their apartment here in Kharkiv.

—Gennady, an architect and graphic artist

Dasha is an orphan from near Donetsk. She fled with friends after weeks of shelling. She left her grandparents behind.

What's Being Done

UNHCR is working around the clock in eastern Ukraine, where the vast majority of displaced people are located. Working with the government, UNHCR has developed the basis for a central registration and protection center.

UNHCR has and continues to provide assistance to those who need it most. Together with support from donors, UNHCR will continue to provide the following emergency relief items.


  • Blankets Blankets
  • Towels Towels
  • Water Water
  • Kitchen Sets Kitchen Sets