Years of conflict has forced more

than two million Ukrainians to flee their homes.

Towns and villages are destroyed –

many live with shelling and bullets every day.

Photo Credit:  © UNHCR/B. Kinashchuk

Two and a half years of conflict has left more than two million Ukrainians displaced from their homes. 300,000 others have sought asylum in neighboring countries. Many fled with barely anything and in search for safety.

Despite a ceasefire in place since 2014, Ukrainian civilians continue to pay a very high price. Those living in towns closest to the front lines of the conflict still live with shelling and bullets almost every day and night. Still others in small towns and villages face dire conditions – living in war-damaged buildings that lack heat and electricity.

Freezing winter temperatures have already arrived in Ukraine. Houses damaged by shelling provide little protection from the bitter cold and winter fuel is scarce. For more than two million displaced Ukrainians, harsh winter conditions are one more thing to fear.

Your help is needed…

Thanks to supporters, UNHCR provided winter assistance to 60,000 people in Ukraine last year – but the need is even greater this year.

Winter has already arrived in Ukraine and families displaced by violence and conflict are in desperate need of shelter, warm blankets, clothes and heaters to stave off below-freezing temperatures. Your gift will help give vulnerable children, women and men hope for a safe future. Not just for winter, but every day of the year, around the world. Please be generous.


Those whose lives have been uprooted and torn apart by conflict or natural disaster, UNHCR exists to help them. This is the UNHCR story.

What's Being Done

UNHCR is working around the clock in eastern Ukraine, where the vast majority of displaced people are located. Working with the government, UNHCR has developed the basis for a central registration and protection center.

UNHCR has and continues to provide assistance to those who need it most. Together with support from donors, UNHCR will continue to provide the following emergency relief items.


  • Blankets Blankets
  • Towels Towels
  • Water Water
  • Kitchen Sets Kitchen Sets