Witnessing Heartbreak and Hope at a Syrian Refugee Camp

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Over 3 million Syrians have fled across international borders to escape the war that rages on into its fourth year. 3 million Syrian refugees. A further 6.5 million are displaced inside Syria. Over half are children.

In May 2014, American producer Harvey Weinstein, his wife and fashion designer Georgina Chapman and author Neil Gaiman spent time with Syrian refugees in Jordan gathering first hand testimony and seeing UNHCR’s frontline work.

The stories, photos and videos they collected form the basis of a series of communication, fundraising and advocacy initiatives that seek to build support, empathy and understanding of the Syrian refugee crisis.

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Georgina Chapman tells her story to Marie Claire


Despite the darkness of so many of the stories we have heard and the unbelievable loss and pain, Neil, Harvey, and I are inspired by the strength and courage of the human spirit and the generosity of heart that somehow still exists inside the refugee families. Despite having next to nothing, they are doing all that they can to provide for themselves so they are not a burden. It is impossible for them to restart their lives totally on their own and they need the support of UNHCR. But the UNHCR can’t do it alone either, as it is drastically underfunded. It desperately needs our support to continue providing lifesaving care and assistance to Syrian refugees.

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Harvey Weinstein tells his story in Vanity Fair


UNHCR briefed us on what was happening inside Syria—about the level of the destruction and the violence that has ravaged the country. Many of the refugees don’t know anymore who it was that attacked their village, who kidnapped their friend, who slaughtered their family, who they were running from. The Syrian army, the Free Syrian Army, al-Qaeda, ISIS, splinter groups of any and all of them—there are so many factions in play now. Every minute of every day unimaginable acts of cruelty, so dark, so grotesque, are being meted out to innocents across great swathes of their beloved country. What man does to another man never ceases to amaze me.

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