Between Lives: S1E7 - The road ahead

S1E7: The road ahead

See the life-changing impact you’ve had on families like Abdul and Farida’s family in Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan.

Despite sad news for the family, you and UNHCR have helped them start rebuilding their lives after fleeing the conflict in Syria.

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Did you know?

Did you know that you are providing much more than a safe and healthy place to stay? You are showing refugee families that you care.

When families are forced to flee their homes, they are leaving their houses, neighborhoods, belongings, friends and jobs behind.

By supporting UNHCR, you are helping refugees all over the world recover from the trauma of conflict and look ahead to new lives. You are providing hope.

This series is dedicated in loving memory of Abdul.

Sadly, Abdul died as a result of a heart attack he suffered during the making of this documentary. He was a devoted, loving father and a man of great determination.

His death comes as a tremendous loss to the family, but Farida is still keen to share her story and show how your support is making a life-changing difference to families like hers.

You’ve shared in the challenges faced by Farida and her children, as they’ve adjusted to life in Za’atari. Now the family faces the struggle of another loss.

Thank you for standing with refugee families. Your continued support will help in so many ways. 

Over the weeks and months to come, UNHCR will share how your support provides more than just a means of survival, but gives refugee families the opportunity to build a better future. There are so many ways in which your continued support will help.

Your ongoing support can reunite families separated by conflict

When families become separated in the chaos of fleeing, their first priority is finding each other. Children, especially, become more distressed if they lose their parents in traumatic situations. Separation causes extreme stress and anxiety during situations that are already extremely upsetting and disorienting. With your continued support, UNHCR will work tirelessly to reunite families. We’ll share stories of reunited families and introduce you to some of the people — husbands and wives, parents and children — your support helps us bring back together.

Helping people build sustainable livelihoods

While emergency aid is critical for refugees in the hours, days and months after fleeing, opportunities for employment, the ability to learn a new trade or a chance to start a business are important steps for refugees on the road to dignified self-sufficiency. We’ll keep in touch, so you can learn more about how, with your support, UNHCR helps people tap into their potential and build a better future for themselves and their families.

Helping families find home again

For some refugees, finding home again can mean safely returning to the communities they fled. For others, it means creating a new home as they formally become citizens of the country they fled to, and for a third group, it means resettling to a new country to start a new life. We value your support, and will share the stories of some of the people you’re helping to make these difficult transitions. With your continued support, UNHCR can help families find home again, providing specialist advice, guidance and practical help in returning home or finding a new place to live.

Thank you for helping refugee families to survive — and build safe, sustainable futures.

Facts & Figures

The past year have seen an unprecedented number of refugees depend on the help of UNHCR, and we couldn’t have helped them survive without your dedicated support. Here is some of the care you helped make possible:

27,814 — tents in emergencies

8,560 UNHCR workers in refugee camps

138 countries where UNHCR is present

361,940 mosquito nets to protect against malaria

357,964 kitchen sets provided for families

103,245 solar energy lamps

Updated as of August 2017

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