Elections are coming up in November! Are you ready to vote?

As a national, nonpartisan organization we want to help American citizens like you fulfill your civic duty—no matter where you live, your voting history or your political affiliation. Here, at the USA for UNHCR Civic Action Center, you can register to vote, look up your candidates, find your voting location and more.

Register to Vote

It takes just a few minutes to register to vote. Fill out some basic information and make sure your voice is heard! Depending on your state, the registration deadline could be as much as a month before an election. 

Look Up Your Candidates

Enter your zip code to learn more about the candidates that will appear on your ballot. You can also get details on your polling place and learn more about filing an absentee ballot and early voting.

Register to Be a Poll Worker

Our country is facing a significant shortage of poll workers this year. Many of those who have staffed the polls in the past are facing unique barriers to working this November due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Help ensure our polling places run smoothly on Election Day by registering to be a poll worker in your community.

Ask Questions to Support Refugees

Support displaced people by asking your representatives or candidates where they stand on issues related to refugees. Get started with these questions.

  1.  Globally we are in the midst of the largest refugee crisis in history.  According to the UN Refugee Agency, by the end of 2019, 79.5 million people were displaced worldwide as a result of persecution, conflict or violence – the highest number in history. If elected, what will you do to help address this crisis and support people who are forced to flee their homes? 
  2.  Do you support the United States providing robust levels of humanitarian aid to refugees and displaced people who need life saving assistance and protection around the world?
  3.  The United States has for decades been a global leader in the field of refugee protection, demonstrating our values through providing resettlement for extremely vulnerable refugees. The current US refugee admissions ceiling is 18,000 annually, while the high point was in 1980, at a level of 200,000. What is your vision for the number of refugees that the U.S. should admit annually?
  4.  If elected, how will you ensure that resettled refugees are welcomed into our city/ state/ country and given the opportunity to contribute to their new community?
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