Jerry Cans


Refugees need a way to transport and store safe, clean water for drinking, cooking, cleaning and bathing. You can provide jerry cans, a simple yet profoundly effective tool to safeguard a vulnerable family's health, wellbeing and dignity.


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Kiden and her six children fled violence in South Sudan, the world's newest — and one of the least stable — countries. Refugees like Kiden often travel for days without food or water during their desperate journeys. Even after reaching safety, clean water can be scare. And that’s when people get sick — and die — from diseases like diphtheria, cholera and typhoid.

Every day, Kiden waits to fill her jerry can at a water distribution point at the Rhino refugee camp in northern Uganda. "If you get the water you will be happy," she explained.

Water is trucked in from the River Nile after being treated in processing facilities.

Generous donors provide the UN Refugee Agency with the funds needed to keep safe water flowing for mothers like Kiden. As she said, "Water is part of life. Without water, you cannot survive."


We promise to honor your generosity and use your donation in the most effective way possible to help refugees. The catalog items shown reflect periodic surveys of the countries UNHCR operates in and represent both the need and price of critical aid items. Although each item is representative of the gift category in which it appears, donations will be used to provide assistance where it is needed most.

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