Tools for Professional Advisors

Legal Name:
United States Association for UNHCR
Mailing Address: 1310 L St NW, Suite 450, Washington DC 20005
Tax ID: 52-1662800

Sample Will Language: I give to the United States Association for UNHCR, a Washington DC based 501c3 non-profit, located at 1310 L St NW, Suite 450, Washington, DC, 20005 with federal tax ID 52-1662800 ____% of my estate (or the sum of $____).

Brokerage Information: USA for UNHCR Stock Donation Form (PDF). Please notify us if you have send stock for your client so we can give them proper credit.

We are happy to assist you achieve your client's goals, please reach out if we can provide additional information or answer any questions. 

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