The Nansen Society: Leaving a Lasting Legacy

This special group created for USA for UNHCR supporters whose legacy gift will have a lasting impact on the lives of refugees is named for Fridtjof Nansen (1861-1930) Norwegian explorer, humanitarian and the first High Commissioner for Refugees, appointed by the League of Nations. Nansen's commitment to resettlement of prisoners and refugees of World War I and the Russian Revolution was matched by his creativity and perseverance. When he submitted his final report to the League of Nations, he was able to report the resettlement of nearly a half million people. The document he created as High Commissioner, called the Nansen Passport, enabled thousands of undocumented refugees to be resettled safely, among them artist Marc Chagall, ballerina Anna Pavlova and composer Igor Stravinsky. 

Nansen was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1922, and when UNHCR created an award for outstanding humanitarian accomplishments, the award and medal were given Nansen's name. The first Nansen Refugee Award laureate was former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. 

Nansen Society members are leaving a lasting legacy to ensure we can continue our mission of protecting refugees and empowering them with hope and opportunity. 

Please let us know if you have already remembered USA for UNHCR in your will or trust or by beneficiary designation. We want to thank you personally and include you as a Nansen Society member.

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