365 Days Together

Thanks to donors, UNHCR teams are on the ground around the world, 365 days a year. Here’s a look at some of the ways donors stepped up and made a life-changing difference for refugees in 2018.

 Rohingya emergency, one year on

Anarkoli, 11, in black shawl, and Nur Qayeda, 9, in orange shirt and Subeda Bibi, 10, in red scarf, at her shelter in Kutupalong Refugee Camp.

August marked a year since the start of one of the fastest-growing refugee crises that drove more than 720,000 people to flee violence in Myanmar. With help from our donors, UNHCR continues to provide lifesaving assistance to families in need.

As monsoon season loomed, UNHCR raced to build or repair shelters, paths and bridges to keep families safe and dry. By the end of September last year, UNHCR had distributed over 90,000 kits to help refugee families improve their shelters.

Protecting people fleeing Venezuela

A Venezuelan mother talks with a UNHCR protection officer after crossing the border.

With your support, UNHCR is on the ground protecting vulnerable people fleeing Venezuela with shelter, healthcare and documentation to allow them access humanitarian services.

UNHCR is also on the ground along key borders to help identify people who may need special help — like unaccompanied minors — and to provide water and lifesaving supplies to people who just crossed the border.

Returning Congolese find homes in ruins

Rith, 22, fled Largu at the end of January with her 3 children. Her husband was killed in the war.

Some 150,000 Congolese who were forced to flee ethnic violence have returned to Ituri province, in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Many found their villages and homes reduced to ash – making them displaced again. One of the displaced is Rith, a 22-year-old mother of three. She fled after violence erupted in her hometown and hasn’t been able to return. “They burnt our house. They burnt everything,” she said. “I had a field where I used to grow vegetables. They burnt that too.”

UNHCR provided emergency shelter to replace damaged or destroyed houses.

These are just a few of the lifesaving moments USA for UNHCR donors made possible in 2018. What will we do together in 2019?

Together, we are powerful beyond measure.

UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi urged action on behalf of people forcibly uprooted or on the move. “To those who continue to show compassion and empathy and embody the true values of humanity: I am moved by your solidarity, generosity and hospitality,” he said. “Together, we are powerful beyond measure.”

Here’s how you can help…

Refugees who have been forced to flee their homes often arrive hungry, exhausted and in need of shelter, food and medical care. UNHCR not only provides immediate, lifesaving aid, but also provides long-term support through education, prenatal care for pregnant women and immunizations for young children. When you start your monthly gift today you’ll be providing lifesaving relief and hope to vulnerable people around the world.

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