Caring Americans help refugee women build their futures


Sandrine was only a teenager when violence engulfed her community and forced her family to flee their home in Burundi. Rebel forces stalked her, her mother and seven siblings along their journey, and stole all their belongings. The family needed everything — food, water, shelter, clothing and medical care — when they arrived in neighboring Rwanda.

With the generous support of caring Americans, the UN Refugee Agency works hard to support displaced women and girls who are often at grave risk. Those who are alone, pregnant, disabled or elderly face even greater danger. With the freedom and resources to tap their inner strength, these determined refugees are helping themselves and their families.

USA for UNHCR donors have also provided Sandrine with the tools she needs to build a brighter future.

In Mahama Refugee Camp, Sandrine is training to be a tailor. She has already learned how to make shirts, dresses and shorts. As she continues to improve her skills, she will be better equipped to support herself and help her family. With newfound pride and confidence, Sandrine also has hopes for more peaceful days ahead.

"If I go back to Burundi one day, I will be a tailor and support other
women and girls, and teach them how to sew too."

Women and girls like Sandrine are the lifeblood of their family and community, but a lack of opportunity and resources limits their ability to gain independence. For women and girls who are forcibly displaced from their homes, these barriers are sharply amplified and expose them to exploitation and other forms of abuse.

With USA for UNHCR donor support, the UN Refugee Agency is breaking down these barriers by:

  • Providing shelters that offer privacy and separate sanitation facilities for women and girls.
  • Fighting sexual and gender-based violence by organizing self-defense classes and establishing safe spaces where women can access services and support.
  • Planting trees in refugee camps so that firewood is nearby, rather than miles away to decrease the risk of assault.

Infographic - Making a World of Difference: Unlocking the power of displaced women and girls

Here's how you can help…

On International Women's Day the world celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Please show your compassion for refugee women and girls. Become a USA for UNHCR monthly donor today. It's the most effective and efficient way to help.

Mar 6 2018
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