Donors changed lives in 2020

From the islands of Greece to the shores of Bangladesh to the hills of Colombia, USA for UNHCR donors changed the lives of refugees in 2020. Refugees were forced to flee for their lives, and then came the threat of a global health crisis.


In an incredibly difficult year, few were more at risk for the spread of coronavirus than displaced people around the world. Refugees faced cramped living conditions, sparse medical care and a lack of knowledge about the disease. 

This pandemic affected everyone. It affected me, you, our families, our neighbors, our communities. But it has affected refugees and displaced populations a lot more.

But because of incredible kind and caring American donors, refugees had hope. They were able to receive the information and care that they needed to stay safe and limit the spread.

This year, compassionate supporters have:

  • Provided masks and education about how to prevent the spread of coronavirus in camps in Bangladesh
  • Sent emergency aid as Ethiopians fled to Sudan with no more than they could carry
  • Helped children access the supplies they needed to learn remotely
  • Wrapped babies in warm blankets to protect them from the harsh winter winds
  • Delivered critical cash assistance to refugees in Lebanon who lost their homes due to the seaside explosion
  • And so, so much more...

UNHCR was on the ground, ready to share the lifesaving support that refugees needed. Staff worked tirelessly to keep displaced families healthy and safe all year long.

In this video, you’ll hear from a few of the staff members on the ground, across the world. They have gotten to know these families, hear their stories and lend a helping hand. It’s work that they can only do because of your support. 

As we leave 2020 behind, we go forward with the knowledge that together, we can change the world. 

As in 2020, we are committed to work together with you to stay and deliver in 2021.

Thank you so much for caring about refugees.

How you can help

Join other compassionate Americans and start 2021 with kindness. Becoming a monthly donor is the most efficient and effective way to help those fleeing conflict. You can make sure that displaced people know that they are not alone. Make a difference in the lives of refugees by becoming USA for UNHCR’s newest monthly donor.

Jan 4 2021
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