How UNHCR is helping five children in Yemen build better futures

More than half of all displaced people in Yemen are children. Some fled neighboring countries at a young age in search of safety and stability, while others were born into dangerous circumstances in Yemen.

UNHCR helps displaced children in Yemen by providing educational opportunities and emergency supplies to meet their basic needs. These are the stories of five children, living in Yemen, who are starting to see a brighter future thanks to support from UNHCR and partner organizations on the ground.


Rahaf, girl in Yemen10-year-old Rahaf is from the port city of Hudaydah, an area that has recently witnessed intense fighting. Rahaf and her family fled Hudaydah more than six months ago and are now living in a collective center in an abandoned school in Aden. Although there is little for Rahaf and the other children to do in the center, they keep each other company and invent games to keep them busy. Rahaf is attending school nearby and tells us she never misses a day. She sleeps comfortably at night thanks to UNHCR, which distributes emergency items like sleeping mats and blankets to the families in the center. 


Ibrahim and Haroon

Ibrahim and Haroon, twin brothers fro Somalia at school in Yemen

From Somalia, twin brothers Ibrahim and Haroon were both born with speech impediments. But thanks to UNHCR and its partners, they are getting the help they need to develop their language skills. The brothers have been attending the Early Learning Center (ELC) in Kharaz refugee camp in Yemen for one year. The center was designed for children with special needs living in urban areas of Yemen. Their teacher at ELC is very impressed with the progress they’ve made so far.

Salah, boy with prosthetic leg in Yemen


14-year-old Salah from Taiz lives in an informal shelter in southern Yemen. Salah fled home with his grandmother and sister after his best friend was killed by a landmine that blew off Salah’s left leg and hand. Recently, a local organization helped him get a prosthetic limb, giving him enough mobility to resume his daily two-hour journey to school. “I want to be a doctor, so I can’t miss anymore lessons,” he says, more concerned about his schooling than his disabilities. 



Norhan, little girl wearing dress in Yemen

Norhan and her family fled Hudaydah in 2018; they now live in a rented house in Amran in northwest Yemen. UNHCR provided Norhan’s mother with a sewing machine to help her generate income and support her family. She makes dresses, jackets and pillows to sell to the local community and Norhan is her best model!

UNHCR and partner organizations are making a lifelong impact on the lives of displaced children in Yemen every day. You can give the gift of hope to children who have been impacted by conflict and violence by becoming a monthly donor to USA for UNHCR. Start giving today.

Apr 12 2019
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