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May 12, 2017

“I hope that the awareness and goodwill of the public towards refugees across the world remains strong”

UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Khaled Hosseini recently traveled to Uganda to support the UN Refugee Agency’s emergency response to the South Sudan crisis.

During his mission trip, he met with refugees from South Sudan, as well as members of the Ugandan communities who host them, and learned more about Uganda’s progressive approach to refugee protection and integration. Refugees are granted a small land settlement on which to build a new home and grow crops and access public services such as healthcare and education.

Uganda is currently hosting more than 800,000 South Sudanese refugees. The majority are women and children, including thousands of unaccompanied children. The situation continues to deteriorate as the UN has declared famine in parts of war-torn South Sudan – some 100,000 people face starvation, and a million more may die from hunger if aid does not come quickly.

Refugee families fleeing in search of food, shelter and safety face a double catastrophe as the rainy season closes in. Children are most at risk from the health and protection risks of inadequate shelter, and urgently need your support.

“I hope that the awareness and goodwill of the public towards refugees across the world remains strong, that we remember that refugees need more than just emergency support. They need the hope of a future, as we all do.” Khaled Hosseini

Afghan-born American author Khaled Hosseini knows what it’s like to be a refugee. He was a teenager living in Paris, where his father worked as a diplomat, when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan on Christmas Eve 1979. His family ended up seeking asylum in the United States.

Please join Khaled in his care and support for the emergency in South Sudan, which is fast becoming one of the largest and most urgent refugee crises in the world.

Thanks to supporters, UNHCR is on the ground coordinating a massive refugee response throughout the region and leading efforts to provide shelter and care for those displaced by the renewed conflict. Your gift will help give vulnerable children, women and men hope for a safe future. Please be generous.