Refugee Stories

Meet a few of the people helping refugees from Ukraine

Millions of people around the world have been touched by the plight of people forced to flee their homes in Ukraine and have jumped into action.

Today we wanted to introduce you to just some of the people who are helping on the ground, in Ukraine and neighboring countries. Some know what it is like to be a refugee themselves, some are volunteers and some have dedicated their entire careers to humanitarian work. They come from all walks of life but share a common goal — to help people in need.

Dr. Anthony Ezerioha helps Ukrainians in Poland

Dr. Anthony Ezerioha lives and works in Germany. He used to study medicine in Ukraine so when he heard about the war, he went to Poland to offer his medical assistance. He is currently working in Rzeszow Full Market Hall, which can host up to 500 refugees.

Ukrainian refugee Solomia Makoviiehuk volunteers

Solomia Makoviiehuk is 18 years old and is a refugee from Ukraine. She is volunteering at Rzeszow train station to show fellow refugees from Ukraine where they can find help.

Rymma runs a hostel for displaced Ukrainians

Rymma and her husband Ruslan have turned their storage facility in western Ukraine into a hostel for people fleeing other parts of the country. They have received supplies from UNHCR and other organizations to equip the shelter, which can now sleep up to 80 people a night.

Host Tamara and UNHCR staffer Kisut help Ukrainian refugees

Tamara (right) is hosting two refugee families from Ukraine in her home in Chișinău, the capital of Moldova. Kisut (left) is a member of UNHCR’s Emergency Response Team who is in Moldova, helping to coordinate the distribution of cash, relief items and other forms of assistance for refugees from Ukraine.

These are just some of the millions of people around the world who have opened their hearts and homes to refugees. And you can join them! By becoming USA for UNHCR’s newest monthly donor, you can help support people who have been displaced by war and conflict, including those currently fleeing life-threatening conditions in Ukraine. Join millions of others in helping refugees today.

May 5 2022
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