Refugees from these three countries need the hope YOU provide

Humanitarian crises in Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia have forced more than a million of each country’s citizens to flee for their lives. Many of these vulnerable children, women and men are uprooted for decades — long after the sources of their plight disappear from the headlines. Thanks to sustained and generous donor support, the UN Refugee Agency cares for and protects refugees until they can return home or build a new life in another country.

USA for UNHCR donors are making a difference for the vulnerable refugees from each of these countries. It’s a list that no country should be on:


Most refugees come from just three countries - Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia. Sarah Shukri, seen here, was the third generation in her family born in exile.

Now in its third decade, the crisis in Somalia is among the most drawn-out refugee situations in the world. Sarah Shukri, seven, is the third generation in her family born in exile. She spent six years at Dagahaley camp in Kenya with her family. With support from UNHCR, the Shukris returned home in 2016. Having worked as a butcher in Dagahaley, Sarah’s father plans to open a butchery in Somalia, which will enable him to contribute to the reconstruction and economic development of his country. Thanks to USA for UNHCR donor support, the UN Refugee Agency is able to provide cash assistance, offer counseling, legal and other support services, and help ensure that host communities are protected.


Zohal, age 10, from Afghanistan holds up her drawing.

While firm figures are not available, many refugees struggle with mental health issues. Because this suffering takes a particularly destructive toll on children, the UN Refugee Agency gives them the emotional support they need to rebuild their young lives. Ten-year-old Zohal, an Afghan refugee living in Greece, shows the drawing she made during an art therapy workshop at a Child and Family Support Hub. These UNHCR-supported centers serve vulnerable families on the move, including unaccompanied or separated children at high risk of sickness, trauma, violence, exploitation and trafficking.


Nearly five million refugees have fled Syria since the conflict begin there almost six years ago. This is the largest humanitarian situation in the world. After escaping war or persecution, the opportunity to earn a living is one of the most effective ways people can rebuild their lives. Gharam, whose husband was killed in the Syrian civil war, is one of six refugee women offered their first paid job at Recycle Beirut. The project addresses the garbage crisis that has plagued Lebanon since 2015 when its main landfill closed, and offers much-needed work opportunities for the more than one million vulnerable Syrian refugees the country is hosting. The $20 Gharam receives each day enables this widow to provide for her young family.

Here’s how you can help …
Becoming a USA for UNHCR monthly donor is the most convenient, effective and efficient way you can help refugees in Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria, South Sudan and all over our world. Stand by their side. Help them survive. Give them hope for a safer future. Start making a lifesaving difference by beginning a monthly gift today.


Feb 7 2017
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