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March 13, 2019

Resilience in the Face of Eight Years of War

As we mark eight years of war in Syria, it is more important than ever to remind ourselves of the lives impacted. Refugees deserve to have their stories heard and UNHCR the UN Refugee Agency is here to give them a voice.

Entesar (39) fled with her family from Syria to Jordan in 2013 to escape the deadly airstrikes that were surrounding their home near the city of Homs.

Like many Syrian refugee children living in Jordan, 7-year-old Kholud has known more violence than most adults see in their lifetimes. Kholud was just a baby when her family escaped Syria in 2013 as deadly airstrikes destroyed their home city of Homs. Sadly, her father died before they reached safety in Jordan, leaving her mother, Entesar, to raise her alone.

In a tiny, cold apartment in Jordan’s capital, Entesar struggles to give Kholud a chance for a brighter future. Entesar has severely depleted the savings she and her late husband had worked so hard to collect before fleeing their home. Life is now a daily struggle to scrounge up enough money to put a roof over her family’s head and food on the table. The harsh winter weather adds heat to the long list of needs Entesar is unsure she can meet alone.

Entesar helps her daughter Kholud to get ready for school, outside of their home.

But thanks to our generous donors, UNHCR is able to offer lifesaving assistance to mothers like Entesar struggling to survive. With UNHCR aid, Entesar can afford her rent and shop for nutritious food to feed her family. Kholud an ambitious student can get the books required for school and the clothes she needs to stay warm in the winter.

UNHCR provides a sense of stability to those who have known only uncertainty these last eight years. But surviving is not the same as thriving. Forty percent of Syrian refugees in Jordan experience some form of food insecurity. With nearly half of the refugee population under 15 years old, that means tens of thousands of children may go to bed hungry each day.

Those children deserve better. Their families deserve better. As the conflict in Syria marks its eighth year, we are inspired by the resilience of the people forced to flee their homes as they work to rebuild their lives.

But we must also remind ourselves of the people who are still fleeing violence. With the support of our donors, refugees are surviving and rebuilding their lives. Together, let’s help them thrive.

Here’s how you can help...

Monthly giving is the best way to ensure UNHCR has the tools to provide immediate protection and long-term support. Please become a monthly donor today and help ensure lifesaving support is available immediately when a crisis occurs and for as long as vulnerable people need help.