Rohingya Refugee Crisis: The Latest Footage from the Ground

Helping the staggering number of new Rohingya refugees


The UN Refugee Agency is working around the clock to help Rohingya refugees — but the needs are enormous and more desperate families arrive every day. Since the crisis began in August, more than half a million people have fled unspeakable violence. They often arrive with nothing but the clothes on their backs, simply looking for a safe place for their family.

Thanks to USA for UNHCR donors, the UN Refugee Agency has sent four airlifts of emergency supplies with:

  • 31,670 plastic sheets for protection from the weather.
  • 7,000 mosquito nets to protect from diseases like malaria.
  • 33,500 mats to keep people from sleeping on the ground.
  • 8,603 jerry cans to distribute clean water to refugee families.

More core relief supplies are on the way and emergency staff are being deployed to the region. Much more needs to be done to meet the acute needs of children, women and men fleeing conflict.

Here’s how you can help …

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Oct 5 2017
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