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Giving Tuesday Match EXTENDED

Your Giving Tuesday gift will be matched $1 for $1 until 11:59pm on 12/2. Donating now will DOUBLE your impact and support to refugee and displaced families struggling to survive the cold winter months. Help us send an additional 400 winter survival kits to refugee families everywhere. Your support sends vital supplies like warm, cozy blankets for a mother to wrap her child in and heaters to protect vulnerable families from the bitter cold.

Rush your gift to send TWICE the lifesaving winter survival kits and lifesaving supplies to resilient refugee and displaced families. Your compassion today will change lives tomorrow. Match ends 12/2.

world refugee day

#SafetyForAll: A social call to action!

More than 100 million people worldwide have been forced to flee because their homes are not safe. Yet many people still know little about refugees, their journeys or the circumstances that force them to flee.

This World Refugee Day, in order to raise awareness about the fundamental right to safety for everyone forced to flee, USA for UNHCR is launching the #SafetyForAll campaign. We’re asking YOU to share a person or item that makes you feel safe on social media using the hashtag #SafetyForAll to help teach others about the global refugee crisis and the right of everyone, everywhere to seek safety from war, violence and persecution.

Share your #SafetyForAll post anytime between now and World Refugee Day on June 20th for a chance to be featured on USA for UNHCR’s social media channels on World Refugee Day.

Throughout the week, USA for UNHCR will be sharing #SafetyForAll posts from refugees and refugee allies around the world, so be sure to follow along on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.

To start us off, take a look at how these three people are sharing what makes them feel safe and raising awareness for refugees:

Lujein Alkreidi"This necklace was a gift from my parents at my high school graduation. For me, it is a symbol of the endless support and safety I've got from my parents in my life. At the same time, it makes me feel sad because I left them in Syria. Refugees bring their bodies into the countries they resettle in, but they leave their hearts back in their home countries" — Lujein Alkreidi


Rachel Rudwall

This #WorldRefugeeDay, I’m speaking up in support of #SafetyForAll, and sharing something that makes me feel safe: my hiking boots and backpack. No matter what challenges I’m facing in my life, I can lace up my boots, pack up my backpack, and head out the door in search of increased happiness, health, or headspace. And, on the other end of that journey, I can still return home—a basic right that all people should be able to tap into, no matter where they call home.” — Rachel Rudwall

Emily Adams home"When I come home and step on my front porch, I immediately feel comfort and safety. If I had to flee my home, I wouldn’t just miss the house where I lived, but also the feeling of stability, history, family, and self that it gives me. All people have a right to feel this safety in their homes, whoever they are and wherever they come from. I stand #withrefugees." — Emily Adams


Take action…

Join Lujein, Rachel and Emily in their effort to raise awareness for refugees by sharing what makes you feel safe on your social media channels using the hashtag #SafetyForAll.

Jun 13 2022

Giving Tuesday Match EXTENDED: Your gift sends TWICE the winter survival kits and lifesaving supplies to safeguard displaced families from bitter winter winds. Ends 12/2. GIVE 2X NOW >>

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