Rohingya Refugee Crisis

Thank you for helping Rohingya refugees!

Rohingya refugees make their way down a footpath during a heavy monsoon downpour in Kutupalong refugee settlement.

In the two minutes it will take you to complete this quiz, 60 people — parents, children, loved ones — will be forced to flee their homes. Test your knowledge about the Rohingya refugee crisis and learn more about how caring Americans are providing much needed humanitarian assistance.

Thank you for taking our quiz about the Rohingya. With donor support, UNHCR is helping to provide monsoon emergency kits, access to education, health care and other humanitarian assistance to the approximately 720,000 Rohingya refugees who have escaped violence in Myanmar.

Now that the monsoon season in full force, they are at risk of landslides and water- and mosquito-borne diseases like cholera and malaria. But with donor support, UNHCR will continue to provide the needed protection and aid so that Rohingya refugees can begin to rebuild their lives.

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