USA for UNHCR Appoints Three New Board Members

USA for UNHCR Appoints Three New Board Members

WASHINGTON, DC (March 24, 2016) - USA for UNHCR, a nonprofit that raises awareness and funds and helps to educate Americans about refugees worldwide,  has appointed George Lindemann, Dan Phelan and Mark Wallace to its board of directors. With distinguished careers in real estate, law, and business, these new board members will help guide USA for UNHCR as it works to raise awareness about the humanitarian needs of refugees and critical funding for the lifesaving work of the UN Refugee Agency in crisis zones around the world.

Lindemann, Phelan and Wallace join the existing board of directors and will work alongside Anne-Marie Grey, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of USA for UNHCR. The growth of USA for UNHCR’s board is part of the organization's strategic plan to increase its influence and expand its reach in order to better serve refugees in Europe, Iraq, Syria, South Sudan, the Ukraine and the Central African Republic.

"We are in the midst of an unprecedented worldwide refugee crisis, nearly 60 million people have been displaced and resources are in critical demand,” said Charles DeSantis, Chair of the Board and Associate Vice President and Chief Benefits Officer at Georgetown University. “The wealth of experience our new board members bring will be instrumental in continuing our efforts to meet the needs of refugees worldwide. Each are highly accomplished and respected in their field, and have exhibited a passion and dedication to humanitarian issues."

An expert in both domestic and international real estate and development, George Lindemann complements his business success in the private sector with a lifelong commitment to philanthropy and advocacy. Lindemann served on Children International’s Advisory Board, and presently serves as the Director of the Fourlin Memorial Foundation and the Max Lindemann Memorial Fund. Lindemann is currently the CEO and owner of Etam GmbH, a German based investment holding company, and Metropolitan USA Corporation, a Florida based real estate investment company.

A dedicated philanthropist, Dan Phelan spearheaded numerous programs to bring clean water resources to vulnerable communities in the Dominican Republic and Ecuador. He served as Children International’s Volunteer Director of Water Projects and as a member of the Advisory Board for many years. Phelan currently serves on the board of 410 Bridge, an organization that seeks to improve the spiritual and physical health of communities in the developing world and is Vice Chairmanship of Map International. He is the former managing partner of McCalla Raymer, LLC as well as the CEO and chairman of Prommis Solutions LLC.

Mark Wallace is UPS Sr. Vice President for Global Engineering and Sustainability. He is responsible for the optimized operations of the company’s global facilities, drivers and delivery network technologies. He also leads UPS's industry-leading sustainability programs and initiatives. The scale of these facilities, engineering and sustainability programs cover the globe, as UPS operates in 220 countries and territories. Throughout his 30 year UPS career Wallace has held several general management, engineering, operations and logistics roles, beginning as an engineering specialist and driver in Arizona in 1986. Professional accomplishments aside, Wallace is also a tireless advocate for expanding education opportunities for at risk youth. He currently serves as a board member for The Place of Forsyth, a Forsyth, Georgia county organization focused on at risk youth education.


CONTACT: For more information or interviews, contact Jennifer Patterson, Director, Communications, at or 202-644-7157.

About USA for UNHCR

USA for UNHCR helps and protects refugees and people displaced by violence, conflict and persecution. Supporting UNHCR– the UN Refugee Agency– and its partners, we provide life-saving essentials including shelter, water, food, safety and protection. Around the world, we help refugees survive, recover and build a better future. Together, we can give refugees the hope and dignity they deserve and help them rebuild their lives.

Established by concerned American citizens, USA for UNHCR is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization. For more information, visit and follow USA for UNHCR at and @UNRefugeeAgency.

Mar 24 2016
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