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April 05, 2022

USA for UNHCR donors celebrating Ramadan share why they support refugees

USA for UNHCR’s community of donors comes from all corners of the United States and all walks of life. It is always inspiring to read what motivates donors and to share how they are empowering refugees every day to build better, brighter futures. Take a moment and hear from our Muslim faith donors about the importance of supporting refugees during Ramadan. 

Um Hadi reads the Qur’an with her three children Hadi (8), Osama (7) and Shatha (13) at home in Azraq Camp.

“I myself am a Muslim celebrating Ramadan, and I wish that everyone can celebrate the way I can. And not just only in this Holy month but I pray that all families can celebrate every day with their loved ones in safety, health and prosperity.” — Serap A.

“As a Muslim, it’s my duty and obligation to help people in need with whatever means I have. It does not matter if you can give more or less, a good deed like helping others is a reward in itself. The peace of mind I get knowing my little donation is making someone else's life a little better is very precious. I will encourage everyone to do the same.” — Fairuj J.

“During Ramadan, Allah has blessed me with a good job and a good paying one too. It was only right to repay what he has blessed me with. We do what we can and without hesitation. I am honored that I was able to provide shelter to someone across the world. May Allah's protection be with all of us.” — Aminata S.

“Please consider these funds as zakat for refugees who are suffering all over the world. They are humans and they have the right to be treated like humans.” — Manzoor N.

“No one chooses what situation we are born into, but those who can help can certainly try to make a difference. In the years to come, I plan to utilize my medical expertise to provide relief in another way than just financial means.” — Jaalal S.

How to help…

This Ramadan, Muslims around the world are fasting from sunup to sundown and preparing for their daily iftars meals with friends and family. While Ramadan is a joyous occasion for most, Syrian refugees are struggling to celebrate, having lost loved ones or are unable to put food on the table for their families. By donating your Zakat this year, you are supporting these families in their greatest time of need.