UNHCR empowers Syrian women and girls who have been forced to flee

Despite grave threats to their safety, women and girls on the run are strong, resilient and fiercely determined to survive and thrive. Thanks to generous donors, the UN Refugee Agency is able to support and empower displaced women and girls on a number of levels.

Without the protection of a permanent home, women and girls — who represent half of all people forced to flee from violence or persecution — face hightened gender-specific risks, including sexual violence. Those who are alone, pregnant, disabled, elderly or the sole head of their household are especially vulnerable.

In refugee camps, UNHCR provides secure shelters, separate washrooms and proper lighting to reduce the risk of assault. Men and boys are taught to prevent and respond to sexual and gender‐based violence and help survivors heal both physically and emotionally.

Giving women the tools they need to resume their work helps them provide for their families and boosts their independence. Through a USA for UNHCR donor-supported livelihood program, Sudanese refugee Biney, who was a farmer in Sudan, is growing crops again. Her efforts produce food to feed her children and she pays for their school fees with the income she earns from selling part of her harvest.

"I can take care of [my children] and they can focus on their studies."

One of the most proven ways to prevent gender inequality is making sure that girls have access to education. In Jordan’s Za’atari camp, a USA for UNHCR donor-supported program called These Inspired Girls Enjoy Reading (TIGER) helps Syrian refugee girls aged 9-14 build confidence and skills. Their teacher and mentor, Nawar, a refugee just like them, encourages her students to laugh, learn, play — and plan for their futures. One participant, 12-year-old Muna, has big dreams.

“I want to be a lawyer because lawyers protect people and defend their innocence.”
—Syrian refugee Muna

For over four decades, the UN Refugee Agency has been actively promoting gender equality. This work has had a direct and positive impact on the health and well-being of families, communities — and the world. In partnership with generous USA for UNHCR donors, this work will continue to help women and girls who have been forced to flee to secure their futures.

Here’s how you can help …

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