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November 03, 2022

USA for UNHCR Launches Refugee Voices in Your Community

USA for UNHCR is pleased to announce the launch of a new microsite, Refugee Voices in Your Community, an interactive map featuring refugee stories from across the U.S. and around the world. The map takes you on a journey to meet inspiring refugees and other displaced people in your community. The stories featured on Refugee Voices in Your Community highlights the many inspiring refugees we’ve met throughout the years, but also the generosity and compassion of USA of UNHCR’s community of supporters. 

Learn more about the refugees featured on Refugee Voices in Your Community:


Abdallah Al-Obaidi was USA for UNHCR’s featured storyteller on World Refugee Day 2021. His award-winning story was chosen out of many submissions to the Storyteller Celebration, an opportunity to honor and recognize the creative voices of former refugees under the age of 30 who are now living in the United States. Abdallah’s harrowing story of survival follows his family’s escape from Iraq to his journey now as a resettled refugee in the U.S. pursuing a career in medicine. 


Growing up as a young girl in Colombia, Laura Londono was aware of the dangers that she and her family faced every day. As her neighborhood became more dangerous, Laura and her family were forced to embark on a journey to safety, fleeing Colombia to Ecuador and finally resettling in the U.S. Despite the difficulties she faced along the way, her dream of becoming an astronaut pushed her every step of the way. 

Haya and Ghena

Haya and Ghena Al Nuwab are twin sisters who were born as refugees in Jordan after their parents and older siblings fled threats of kidnapping and persecution in Iraq. When the sisters were just three years old, the family was welcomed to the U.S. for resettlement. As the featured storytellers for USA for UNHCR’s Storyteller Celebration this year, Haya and Ghena shared their story to build more empathy and understanding for what refugees overcome.

Maggie, Rashika and Hadia

For three healthcare professionals in Minneapolis, the idea of allyship takes the shape of welcoming refugees and newcomers to the Twin Cities with access to critically needed care. Maggie, Rashika and Hadia work at University of Minnesota’s Mobile Health Initiative where they support historically marginalized indigenous, immigrant, migrant and refugee communities throughout Minnesota. They share a passion for service and a deeply held belief that all people deserve care and a safe place to call home.


Five years ago, Nery Santaella fled violence in her home country of Venezuela. On her journey, she noticed that there was a severe lack of credible information for refugees making the trek from Venezuela to Colombia. This difficult journey motivated Nery to establish Voices of Venezuela, one of the most important and trusted sources of information for people fleeing Venezuela. Nery received the 2022 Gene Dewey Refugee Award for her courageous work on behalf of refugees forced to flee their homes.

Interested in more stories like these? Check out Refugee Voices in Your Community!

Your Voice Matters. Share Your Story.

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