Venezuelans find safety in neighboring Latin American countries

Venezuelans are fleeing the country at an alarming rate, taking refuge in neighboring Latin American countries. Colombia hosts the highest number of refugees and migrants from Venezuela, with over 1.1 million. It is followed by Peru, with 506,000, Chile 288,000, Ecuador 221,000, Argentina 130,000 and Brazil 96,000.

“The countries of the region have shown tremendous solidarity with refugees and migrants from Venezuela, and implemented resourceful solutions to help them.” said Eduardo Stein, joint UNHCR-IOM Special Representative for Venezuelan refugees and migrants.

People like Lisette and Johnny are now living in neighboring countries where they are finally able to access food, medical care, legal services, educational opportunities and more.

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Original reporting by UNHCR and IOM on 2.22.19

Mar 1 2019


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