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October 21, 2015

What It’s Like on the Ground

See what it’s like to be a UNHCR Assistant Protection Officer working with the refugees from Syria and other countries torn apart by conflicts. They have come to Europe looking for safety, but their paths are dangerous, and their journeys are far from over.

Watch a video of Maria Pamula, a UNHCR Assistant Protection Officer, as she makes her daily rounds, handing out water, smiles, and a helping hand. She is there, she says, because she wants to make a difference. “And here,” she continues, “you can make a difference to every single person, one after another.”

Along the way, the people in blue UNHCR gear are there to help. Mohammed, 17, a Syrian refugee said, “At each border post we have crossed, we have seen UNHCR staff in your blue vests … giving us advice, blankets, food, water and encouraging words.”

If you are a donor of USA for UNHCR, here’s an opportunity to see what your gift is doing. If you have yet to give, this may be just the nudge you need. See how your gift, large or small, is valued by those who receive it.

Take a minute and watch now. You’ll be glad you did.