Words of love and kindness: USA for UNHCR donors share why they support refugees

USA for UNHCR’s community of donors come from all corners of the United States and all walks of life. It is always inspiring to take a moment and read their words of what motivates them to care for refugees. Our donors are empowering refugees every day to build better, brighter futures. Take just a moment to read some words of inspiration from compassionate refugee supporters: 

"The more I learned about the refugee crisis, the more I kept thinking what if that was one of our kids that these horrifying events were happening to? We had to do something." — Thomas M.

"No one chooses to be a refugee. They deserve love and support from the world. We are soon to see an explosion of climate refugees and must pull together as a community of nations to address the root causes and take responsibility for finding solutions." — Suzanne A.

“Because everyone deserves a chance to provide for their families and every child deserves an education.” — Michelle K. 

“I have taught and worked with refugees for several years. I love to see them overcome the obstacles life has imposed upon them.” — Helen W. 

“God blesses us every day. If I can help even one person, that’s my duty as a Christian, a mom and a human.” — Gina M. 

“It could be I, so I put myself in their shoes. I want the refugees to remain hopeful, and I hope that my fellow global citizens will find it in their hearts to give whatever they can to help their fellow brothers and sisters.” — Margaret R.

“As a Muslim, it’s my duty and obligation to help people in need with whatever means I have. Does not matter if you can give more or less, a good deed like helping others is a reward in itself. The peace of mind I get knowing my little donation is making someone else's life a little better is very precious. I will encourage everyone to do the same.” — Fairuj J. 

“We're all part of a global community. Those of us more fortunate in life must help our fellow citizens as best we can.” — Richard A. 

"We all suffer when one community suffers. And that's what I hope people understand. We are interconnected and we will be even more interconnected tomorrow." — Regina T.

How you can help...

Join other compassionate Americans and give kindness this year. Becoming a monthly donor is the most efficient and effective way to help those fleeing conflict. Make a difference in the lives of refugees by becoming USA for UNHCR’s newest monthly donor.

Dec 17 2021
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