You can give refugees the gift of education

Education is the ultimate tool of empowerment—especially for refugees. Quality education and a safe place to learn help refugee children prepare for the future and recover from the effects of trauma. And access to school reduces the chances for exploitive and dangerous child labor and early marriage.

USA for UNHCR supporters like you have already helped thousands of kids to keep learning during the coronavirus pandemic, but more children need your help. This holiday season, give a refugee child the gift of education by purchasing one of these fundamental resources from our gift catalog.

1. School uniform 

school uniforms for refugees

School uniforms are crucial to success in the classroom, fostering a strong sense of community and helping children feel like they fit in. But most refugee children escape violence with little more than the clothes on their backs—and school clothes are an amenity they cannot afford. 

Purchase a school uniform for a displaced child today for just $16.

2. School supplies—books, pencils, pens and paper

school supplies for refugees

Books, pencils, pens and paper are essential to learning. But with a lack of funding for schools in refugee camps and host communities, many children are left sharing these vital resources, if they are even able to access them at all.

For just $21 you can give a refugee child all the supplies they need for the school year.

3. Blackboard

blackboards for refugee classrooms

In refugee camps, where technology and other teaching tools may be limited, blackboards are the key to learning. They allow teachers in makeshift classrooms, outdoor learning spaces and school buildings to convey important information to their students.

You can provide a blackboard for a classroom in a refugee camp or host community for $120.

4. Teacher training 

teacher training

When refugees flee their homes, they often leave their formal educations behind. Not only do schools in a refugee camps and host communities need classrooms and supplies, they need trained teachers to get kids learning again. Providing training materials for teachers is vital to the success of their students.

For $50 you can provide FIVE teachers with the training they need to give their students a solid foundation of learning.

5. School garden 

school garden for refugees

Without nutritious foods to eat at home, displaced children often have trouble concentrating in school—which can cause them to fall behind. School gardens provide refugee children with the nutrients they need to excel.

Help build a school garden in a refugee camp for $250 today. 

There’s more! 

Interested in providing other resources that aren’t listed above? There are dozens more items you can purchase to help refugees. Visit our gift catalog to see the full inventory.

Nov 17 2020
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