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December 22, 2017

Your support helps refugees survive winter

Donor compassion is saving lives this holiday season

Syrian refugee Suzanne, 32, holding her daughter Mona, 6 months, sits alongside her older daughters Jana, 6, and Roua, 10, in the substandard building where the live in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. They share the small cramped space with Suzanne’s mother, older sister and brother-in-law.

For nearly seven years, Syrian refugees have been fleeing their homes seeking safety from violence that continues to rip their country apart. Many escape with only the clothes on their backs.

For those living in informal settlements in places like Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, “home” is often a flimsy, makeshift shelter that offers little protection from snow, icy rain and below-freezing temperatures. With no way to earn income, and savings depleted long ago, many cannot afford food or heating fuel.

USA for UNHCR INFOGRAPHIC - In Syria and the region, vulnerable refugee and displaced families are in desperate need this winter...

How will they survive another winter? Because you are standing by their side. Thanks to generous donors like you, they will get through another winter.

With the year-end gift you recently made, the UN Refugee Agency is rushing winter survival kits to Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley and other regions that face dangerous winter weather. These kits contain a stove that refugees use to prepare meals and heat their shelters. Parents wrap their children in the kit’s warm, thermal blankets. Plastic sheeting in the winter kits insulates and protects their homes from winds and storms.

Your generosity can also provide cash assistance to refugees so that they can purchase heating fuel and food — and sit down as a family to a hot meal in a safe, warm shelter.

Thank you and happy holidays!