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Sparking Change

When resettled refugees join their new communities, they have many challenges to overcome and must adapt to new cultures, new languages and new customs. As challenging as these circumstances can be, they also equip resettled refugees to take a leadership role in welcoming new Americans and building bridges between refugees and their new communities.

To support the creative, community-building solutions developed and delivered by refugees in the United States, USA for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, partnered with Refugee Congress and Welcoming America to create the Sparking Change grant. This pilot grant opportunity supports community leaders who have personally experienced forced displacement and are working in the following areas to promote inclusion and collaboration in their communities:

(1) those building new collaborations among refugees, neighbors and organizations;
(2) those utilizing creative approaches to showcase community innovation and ingenuity; and
(3) those looking to scale and grow community impact from existing smaller effort initiatives.

Refugee leaders awarded grants receive project support of up to $10,000 and personal honoraria of up to $2,500.

Meet the inaugural 2023 Sparking Change grantees from Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas and learn more about how their projects will improve integration and inclusion for displaced people in their communities.

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