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Faith-based Philanthropy Partners 

We are grateful for the support of our Faith-based Philanthropy partners in ensuring impact for refugees. 


USA for UNHCR recognizes the power of partnerships to maximize complementarity and sustainability in its work for refugees and other populations of concern. We partner with a vast network of faith-based partners to ensure better outcomes and wide-scale impact through transparent and mutually beneficial partnerships. Our faith-based partnerships recognize the vital commitment of serving displaced and refugee populations, jumping into action during emergencies to transform futures. 

Learn more about USA for UNHCR's Islamic Philanthropy work today.

Ready to make a difference for refugees?

Zakat Donations

100 percent of your zakat goes directly to vulnerable families during their times of hardship, supporting their immediate needs and reminding them that you care.

Sadaqah Donations

Your sadaqah is transformative for a community in need of our collective support, ensuring that families can meet their needs with dignity.