Celebrating the strength and resilience of refugee women

On International Women's Day, we celebrate the incredible resilience of refugee women and girls around the world. Despite hardships and trauma endured, refugee women are the lifeblood of their communities. Take a moment and meet three refugee women who are thriving in the face of all odds.   


Born in Kenya's Dadaab refugee camp, Fadumo, 24, has recently returned to her family's homeland, Somalia.

Here, Fadumo takes a tea break with her children while tie-dying garments she sells to local shops. Thanks in part to support from USA for UNHCR donors, Fadumo completed a three-month UNHCR skills training program where she learned how to make and market the garments.

"Life here is much better . . . Food is affordable, I am able to pay rent and send my eldest son to school." 


Anais, 16, is a refugee living in Rwanda's Mahama refugee camp. Depite being driven by violence from her home in Burundi, Anais has not lost sight of her dreams.

"I want to be a scientist," Anais shares. "You must believe in yourself because everything is possible."

Access to education for refugee girls like Anais is critical to their development and to the future prosperity of their families and communities. A refugee girl's time in exile is an opportunity for her to develop the skills she will need for life after being a refugee. Educated refugee women are healthier, less vulnerable to exploitation and are more self-reliant. 


After escaping violence in Myanmar, and with the long, treacherous journey behind her, 23-year-old Rohingya refugee Shajeda is safe, and able to smile. Surrounded by her children, nieces and nephews, Shajeda has found a sense of relief now that she knows she can keep her family safe.

Thanks to donor support, UNHCR has been on the ground delivering lifesaving assistance to Rohingya refugees arriving in Bangladesh. Since August 2017, approximately 647,000 Rohingya refugees have found refuge in Bangladesh. More than half are women and girls.    


Here’s how you can help…

Provided with resources, refugee women create brighter futures for themselves and their families. Please give them that chance.  Make your gift today.

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