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February 10, 2023

Earthquake Tragedy: 5 Things You Need to Know

In the early hours of February 6, two large earthquakes hit southeast Türkiye. Tremors and aftershocks were felt in Syria and the region. These earthquakes have claimed tens of thousands of lives and caused untold destruction to homes and infrastructure. UNHCR teams and partners are on the ground in Türkiye and Syria, working day and night to reach families with lifesaving aid and assistance.

UNHCR earthquake aid delivery

Here are five things to know about the situation.

    1. In Türkiye, heavily impacted areas are regions where Syrian refugees live in high numbers. They were already vulnerable, living with protection risks and economic insecurity.
    2. In Syria, it’s a crisis within a crisis. After 12 years of conflict, families already displaced and living on the edge are now facing even more hardship in the aftermath of this tragedy. UNHCR staff on the ground have been speaking with Syrian families who say they are at breaking point — unsure of how they will rebuild from this devastation.
    3. The situation is made even worse for survivors and families who are ill equipped to deal with harsh winter conditions and freezing temperatures.
    4. Together with partners, UNHCR is already on the ground in Syria providing emergency supplies, including blankets, winter coats, mattresses, tents and other lifesaving items.
    5. In Türkiye, UNHCR is also providing emergency supplies to those affected, including refugees and the local host community.

UNHCR earthquake response

The needs are immense. As UNHCR staff on the ground focus all of their efforts into the emergency response, please keep hope alive for refugees, displaced families and their host communities with your generous donation.

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