Tens of thousands continue to face dire conditions in northeast Syria

syrian family of five fleeing on motorcycle

Two months after an escalation of conflict in northeastern Syria, tens of thousands of people still remain in vulnerable situations. Approximately 65,000 Syrians are displaced inside the country and more than 17,800 have sought refuge in neighboring Iraq. Of those who have crossed the border, approximately 9,000 have found refuge at the Bardarash refugee camp.

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, has been working closely with local authorities in Iraq to help refugees reunite with family members and gain permission to live outside of the refugee camps.

Dropping temperatures and winter weather in the region are adding to the suffering of those forced to flee. Women, children and the elderly who fled with barely any of their belongings are particularly vulnerable.

UNHCR, in collaboration with local partners, is on the ground delivering lifesaving protection and assistance to those in need. In northern Syria and Iraq, teams have provided refugees with shelter and winter supplies, such as thermal blankets, mattresses, quilts, cooking stoves and kerosene heaters. UNHCR is also leading efforts to provide essential protection services, including registration and psychosocial support.

UNHCR estimates that approximately 3.88 million people will need timely and substantial help to prepare for the upcoming winter.

How you can help:

By donating today, you can help provide refugee families with the aid and support they need to survive another winter in exile.

Dec 20 2019
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