Latest updates on the Rohingya refugee crisis


Thousands of Americans heard about the plight of Rohingya refugees and acted — making emergency donations to USA for UNHCR and rushing assistance to the frontlines of the crisis. This support comes at a critical time when more than 600,000 refugees have been forced to flee to Bangladesh since August.

With donor support, the UN Refugee Agency has been on the ground, providing critical assistance since the emergency first began. So far over 580,000 core relief items have been airlifted. Here are just a few examples of the assistance sent to date:

  • 1,671 family tents
  • 105,000 plastic sheets to protect shelters from the weather
  • 29,000 kitchen sets for families to prepare food
  • 142,938 blankets
  • 57,300 jerry cans to transport and use clean water
  • 62,100 mosquito nets
  • 177,675 sleeping mats
  • 43,440 solar lamps
  • Six prefabricated warehouses to distribute materials
  • 50 solar street lights to illuminate and keep camps safe

As more Rohingya refugee arrive, informal settlements have sprung up and UNHCR is rushing to create temporary communal shelters and weatherproof tents. The UN Refugee Agency can only continue and expand assistance operations with donor support. Make an emergency gift here.

Nov 7 2017
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